Increasing popularity of Hindi and Bollywood songs

Bollywood songs are the term which is commonly employed for the music and songs of Indian Hindi movies. Hindi songs are those songs which are composed and sung in Hindi. Almost all the Bollywood songs are Hindi songs but all the Hindi songs are not necessarily Bollywood songs. Bollywood songs are composed by famous Indian lyricists and are sung by best singers like Lata Mangeshkar, Kishore Kumar and Mukesh in the old era and now in the present era, these songs are sung by famous singers like Sonu Nigam, Kumar Sanu, Shaan, Udit Narayan and others.

Indian voice has a special tone quality and Indian music background is also very deep. Singers of old era had undergone hard efforts and rehearsal to polish their tonal quality so as to make songs listenable and good. Bollywood music being the prominent sector of Hindi music and it covers more than 50 percent. There being several genres of music in Bollywood songs like pop songs, rocking music, romantic songs, sad songs, ghazals, classical music in old movies and many more.

Most of the Bollywood movies are of romantic type and hence all these movies needs to be associated with romantic songs and hence plays integral role in the movies. Few movies are of action type in which pop music and rocking music are incorporated. Few movies are based on the themes of historical events and are related to the emperors or kings of the previous time and hence in order to reflect originality, classical music is used in such movies as this music being the oldest one and cannot be replaced by the recent style of music. However some movies are based on family drama in which romantic music along with sad songs are incorporated. Hence it is depicted that, in Bollywood music and song, varieties are available and hence suitable music and songs can be used to retain originality of theme.

That’s why; Bollywood and Hindi songs are more popular than any other type of songs and music.

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