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With the international television sector coming up with new concepts for Reality TV Shows, India is not far behind. With new reality shows being introduced on Indian television everyday, the viewers are left much to choose from.

Reality television in India have been received as a welcome break for many audiences across the country who have become tired from the Ekta Kapoor’s saas-Bahu serials which seem to have no end even though the serial had fast forwarded to the 4th generation and miraculously and the Ba still managed to be alive and is fit as a horse. It was not only the K serials which were dominating the television but also many other and we had much to move on from when the reality shows arrived.

Reality TV shows in India is still on a blossoming stage and mostly includes the desi versions of the reality shows broad casted abroad. Despite the copy cat attempt the shows are gaining a lot of popularity in India and we should be expecting more pioneering concepts on television soon enough.

These shows in India can be dated back to Channel V’s talent hunt for five singers to make a music band. A rip off P Diddy’s show on Vh1, it still managed to gain a lot of popularity, especially from the youth. Another reality show Kaun Banega Crorepati’ hosted by our very own superstar Amitabh Bachchan was a major hit with the audience and the show marked the beginning of series of reality shows in Indian television, many of them being a rip off or pre existing reality shows abroad.

The most watched reality shows on Indian television would be the shows introduced by MTV. How can anyone ever miss Cyrus Broacha’s attempt on confusing and leaving his victims in utter bewilderment on MTV Bakra. His wicked pranks left all the viewers in fits of laughter. Another very famous show introduced by MTV would be MTV Roadies. It is the longest running reality show on Indian television and still is very popular with the young generation today. Along with these there were many other such shows that were introduced and gained if not more but the same amount of popularity among the audiences. Indian Idol, a singing competition telecasted on Sony where both boys and girls ruthlessly competed amongst themselves to win won the heart of the viewers. Another singing competition on Zee TV Sa Re Ga Ma which had started out small but became super glamorous as the season increased, was also very much loved. The controversial show on colors- Big Boss was also a major hit amongst the audience.

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Everyone enjoys a good laugh and The great Indian Laughter Challenge was just the show for everyone to see. The hunt for the unbeatable comedian created a laugh riot and all the contestants gained immediate popularity regardless who was crowned the winner. Reality dance shows like Nach Baliya and Jhalak Dhiklaja was also very popular. With celebrity showcasing their dancing talents it became a huge success as well.

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Reality shows have become a huge trend among the audiences today and since there seems no end to the creative inventions of show producers we should not be shocked when more newer concepts are introduced which would make us question reality itself and till that happens just sit back and enjoy what reality television currently has to offer.


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