1920 Songs


*1920* Bollywood movie is another horror track by Vikram Bhatt after Raaz. The movie has no scary scenes as such, but tells a story that will make you sit up at night. The story line is very engulfing and makes you forget in the movie. The movie is set in 1920 in a mysterious house. Arjun (Rajneesh Dugal) is given the job og converting this home into a resort. He moves into the house with his wife. There they face the mysterious force and the hidden mystery of the house and reasons for the deaths slowly unveil. The couples face the unnatural force together. As the great movie, so is the 1920 songs a real hit. The movie is set in the bygone era and the music should also be kept so, which is a challenge for the musicians. The music has kept the expectations. The album begins with ‘Vaada Tunse Hain Vaada’ sung by Pandit Jasraj who has rarely sung for movies. With Adnan Sami’s music, the song is mix of classical and western and a great melody. The female version of the song is sung by Parveen Sulthana, which is also a good one on the ears. The chartbuster hit from the movie is ‘Bichua’ which has item girl Rakhi Sawant in the video. The remix version of the song sounds better than the original and both of it is sung by Shubha Mudgal andyou can download the song at songs.pk. You would have been waiting for the eerie song ‘Aise Jalta Hai Jiya’ which has a tune of the late 70s.

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