A Wednesday Songs


*A Wednesday* movie has a powerful story line which makes the movie stand out amongst the crowd along with the wonderful A Wednesday songs. The trailer of the Bollywood movie gave away only a small bite of the cake and left the viewers in confusion about the actual story line. The movie, as the name goes tells the different events that take place between 2 and 6 pm of a Wednesday evening. Anupam Kher plays the role of a police officer. A terrorist group forces him to release their militants who have been held prisoners and blackmails him saying about the bombs planted. The police recover one of the bombs from a police station itself and this forced him to release the militants before the bombs explode. Then begins of series of unexpected events.

The movie is simply about the events that take place on a Wednesday evening and including songs in such a movie is truly a great skill. The songs are too good for a unconventional movie. ‘Bulle Shah’ is a rocking track from the movie with Tochi on the track. The song has a great remix version too. But the movie makers never used this in the promos when could have easily attracted the janta to this hip track very easily. Shaan gives the vocals for ‘Jalwa’ which is again a rock track and says about facing life boldly. This song is much like the most other Hindi Movie tracks with nothing so special. ‘Nazar Lage Na’ is a poetic duet. The song is a good one but becomes a little boring towards the middle. ‘Parwazen’ is one of the top tracks of the movie which guitar strings and rock music making it a top downloaded song at songs.pk.

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