Camp Rock Songs

Camp Rock is a Walt Disney Movie and has been dubbed into a Bollywood movie. The movie is about a teenage girl, Mitchie. She wants to take part in a Rock Camp and the movie therefore has great Camp Rock songs. She is so keen to getting into the summer camp that she creeps into the camp as a cook and works in the kitchen. She does her rehearsals and training in the kitchen and one day she is overheard singing by a rock star, Shane Gray. He is instantly struck with love for the voice and sets out to find the beautiful lady behind the voice. She is then brought out from the kitchen into the spotlight.

Camp Rock’s Musical Songs in Album
The movie is a full fledged musical extravaganza like most other Walt Disney movies like High School Musical and Hannan Montana. The original sound track for the English movie was by the Jonas Brothers, in Hindi the music has been composed by John Stewart. The album has songs which have intense meanings in them asking one to come out from the darkness and discover oneself. Awakening is the main theme of the album. The first song of the album, ‘We Rock’ has the popular reality show band ‘Asma’ along with Sunidhi Chauhan crooning away a hyper rock song for this rock camp based movie. ‘Hasta La Vista’ sung by Jimmy Felix and Vasudha is a rocking song with good music renditions and the right one for a college hit. This seems more like a rap song. ‘Nazrein Mila Tu’ by Sangeet Haldipaur is a slow track which is a love song where the guy is searching for the girl.

Videos of two hit songs from this album:

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