Chamku Songs


“Chamku” with the tag line, Kahani kabhi Khata Nahi Hoti, this story is about revenge. The name is due to the name of the lead character Chandrama Singh aka Chamku. The name is a little appropriate in this generation where people would not opt to buy tickets to a movie with such a kiddish name. Bobby Deol plays the role of a naxalite from Bihar who is picked up by the RAW and IB to eliminate the anti-social elements. He is forced to do this job by the officials or he will be killed. He falls in love with Priyanka Chopra when he wishes to lead a normal life.

The name of the movie and its promotions are not the kind that would make anyone eager to listen to it. But, the first Chamku song comes as a surprise with the very good song ‘Aaja Milke’. Monty Sharma has given memorable music for a love song which will make you hear it over again to hear it close and can be downloaded from ‘Kithe Jawa’ is a situational track but is very long rendered effortlessly by Richa Sharma. The song is sad track set on pure Indian musical. The song can be found in its remix version ‘Bin Daseya’ which does no good to the album. ‘Gola Gola’ is a holy number and picturized over the bhang ka nasha. ‘Trance ‘is a very long track with six and half hour long western song, fast paced and a must for the dance club rocking nights. The songs of the movie are not a great one, but not good enough too.

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