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Chocolate is the debut directorial of Vivek Agnihotri and is yet another story of the con men. The story moves to the present and back to the past in every 15 minutes or so and this will leave you confused about the whole story. The present story is taking place in London and two Indians, Irfan Khan and Tanushree Dutta is arrested by the police. Lawyer, Anil Kapoor tries to free these Indians. Step by step he unfolds the mystery behind their arrest and it is only towards the end that he realizes the solid truth. By then things go out of his control.
Even though the name of the movie sounds so kiddish, the movie is neither for the kids nor romantic. It is a story about the underworld. Yet, like the other conman movies of the decade, the musical factor has been kept high by Pritam himself. ‘Halka Halka Sa Yeh Nasha’ by Sonu Nigam with lyrics courtesy of debutante Mayur Puri has been the biggest hit of the time. The flute music and the overall arrangement of the song keeps you hooked on to it. The song has a remix version too which is a groovy number and will make you get on the floor. ‘Zehreeli Raatein’ has a mysterious touch to it yet built in a fast pace atmosphere mixing Indian and Pakistani pop together. “Mummy’ is for the naughty and hot women out there and the song has been well scripted with all that bit of naughtiness without even touching the lines of vulgarity. ‘Bheega Bheega Sa Yeh December Hai’is also a hot and naughty number. All the songs are good and can be downloaded for free from

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