De Taali Songs



De Taali is a Bollywood movie with a lot of gimmicks, fun and frolic and just all of that. No good story line and not a movie for the ones who look for logic. Ritesh Deshmush (Paglu), Ayesha Takia (Amu) and Aftab Shivdesani (Abhi) are three close friends and each one plays a crucial role in the others life. Amu is not treated like a between the two others and she too doesn’t behave like one. But when Paglu makes Amu realize her love for Abhi, she too understands her hidden feelings. But Abhi falls in love with Anjali (Rima Sen). The strong bondings between the friends break up with her entry and when she gets kidnapped. The second part drags to the climax.

Comtemporay music from Vishal-Shekhar duo, that’s all about De Taali songs. Vishal doubles up as the lyricist in the album. The songs have been well composed youthfully for the quartet. The intro song ‘Everybody put your hands together’ will make you sway and swing along with the music. The lyrics have been composed with the youthful characters in mind with a perfect mix of English and Hindi lyrics. The club mood has been beautifully brought about from the song itself, with the picturization simply adding to the effect. The title track ‘De Taali’ as all other songs of the album is set in a college atmosphere. The remix version of the song makes the song lively enough. ‘Aaj Main Boond Hoon’ and ‘Hone Lgi’ are typical romance numbers from the album which has that feel of 90’s in it inspired mainly by Pancham Da and R.D Burman songs and a must download from

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