Delhi Belly

delhi belly
The overall storyline and premise of Delhi Belly is very straightforward; three friends actually get into difficulty when they accidentally mix a stool test sample with a packet given to them for prompt delivery. Unknowing to everybody is that the strange packet in fact belongs to a don. The entire story breaks from here when the trio understand the error and foolishly try to correct the circumstances. The friends in the film are journalist Tashi played by Imran Khan, avid photographer Nitin played by Kunaal Roy Kapoor and expert cartoonist Arup played by Vir Das. All the three Delhi bachelors through to the mainstay, they burp, scream, fart and pledge their way throughout the day. Whereas Tashi is trapped between love for his formal air hostess girlfriend Sonia played by Shenaz Treasurywala and desire for sexy co-worker Menaka played by Poorna Jagannathan, foodie Nitin is busy filling his face and capturing offensive photos of busty actresses, murderers, and even married men in compromising positions with several Delhi prostitutes. The songs of Delhi Belly make no pretences. The songs are supposed to be bizarre and frequently stupid and that’s precisely what you expect. The chosen summer album is exactly here. The number one song – Bhaag DK Bose – is by now a trendy hit. It is sung by Ram Sampath, it is a very catchy song with its humorous lyrics merged with double meaning lyrics along with quick fusion rock composition. There’s not much to speak about this song as it is already very well known.

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