Dil Kabaddi Songs

Sex was considered to be very secretive factor in Hindi Movies. Dill Kabbadi has taken out this taboo factor and takes you directly to the room of a couple and their bedroom chat. The sex life of a couple is exposed in the Bollywood movie backed by Dill Kabbadi songs. This movie is a bold venture by debut director Anil Senior. But the movie fails with its less catchy script. The director has a good story but does not utilize the chance to the full. The comedy movie is about two couples who are bored of their married life and struggles to make it out and enjoy it freely.
The title does seem weird, but the move has a great cast like Rahul Bose, Irrfan Khan, Rahul Khanna, Soha Ali Khan and Konkana Sharma in the lead role. With the story being of two couples, the album has love, romance and funky numbers in it. ‘Ehsaas’ has a Pakistani feel all through the song and seems more like ‘Doorie’. The song has great lyrics which has a sad touch to it. The song is the best to be heard on a silent night under the stars. The remix version has a lounge setting, yet the original one is better, and must download from songs.pk. ‘Uthale Ya Phenk De’ is a funky comedy track and the most promoted song of the movie. The video has been picturized very well which is about extra martial affairs. The song has lyrics in Hindi and English. ‘Zindagi Ye’ is a very special song of the movie with Rahat Fateh Ali Khan as the singer for this sufi flavored track.

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