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Drona movie received all the hype it required with its costly big size canvas, promotions, ads, and the big star cast. But the final effect was a big failure and could not stand up to the expectations of the people. The movie is pure fantasy and could have become a big hit if not for the sleepy and sheepish screenplay and scripting. The story is about a boy who is bought up in a foster family. He later comes to know that he has immense skills and was born in a royal family. He has to save the secret of the Amrit from the evil sorcerer.

With an out of the world story line, the eyes were fixed on Drona Songs. With the critics having their time over the story of Drona, the songs have done little justice to the movie even though they are just ‘ok’ without anything special about it. The title track ’Drona’ is a very situational track and seems good in the movie but does nothing good to the album and never the kind that stays on your tongue or your mind. Sunidhi Chauhan version of the song is a bit funky club song. ‘Oop Cha’ has good musical arrangements to its credit. This song is an item track created for Priyanka Chopra and stays good because of this reason. The song does not have engulfing lyrics with the remix version doing no much good to the song at songs.pk. ‘Bandagi’ is a simple track soothing on the ears and makes it a good love song which you can dream for a little while.

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  1. Zaheer says:

    Bakwas movie dont go to watch the movie by mistake itself…..but nanhe nanhe song was superb……

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