Dus Songs Review

Movie Review
Dus” is a clever adaption of a Hollywood movie Reservoir Dogs along with Ocean’s Eleven. The story revolves around an Anti-Terrorist Squad executing a clandestine operation in order to eliminate some serious anti-social elements. This Anti-Terrorist Squad is situated in New Delhi and is headed by Siddhanth Dheer played by (Sanjay Dutt). Shilpa Shetty is actually performing a Lara Croft in the movie. The overall theme of this film revolves around Anti-Terrorist Squad that includes Abhishek Bachan, Sunil Shetty, Zayed Khan and Ayesha Deol. This squad must prevent a dangerous assault that would possibly kill thousands of innocent civilians. With the passage of time, a bunch of mysterious characters execute various crimes. Obviously, these gruesome crimes are closely associated but the climatic description is very difficult to understand as the overall proceedings leading to it. Astonishing accidents and inconsistencies flourish. Why would an anxious agent send two squabbling officers to Canada so that they can trap the real culprit?

Songs Review
The songs in Dus are really catchy and peppy. They can easily satisfy the expectations of music lovers instantly. The music is quite good and soothing to ears as well. Most of the compositions are very melodious and have a zip feel to them. Young generation will certainly like the songs and music without any doubt. The music is the only survival factor and a solitary hope in this Bollywood Movie. Music lovers can easily download the entire compositions from Songs.PK as per their liking and requirement.

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