Hastey Hastey Songs


Hastey Hastey is yet another movie which has flopped at the theaters due to the weak story line. The story has been written and depicted in a very sheepish manner that you would break into a sleep half way through the movie. The movie has great locales to its credit, and all thanks to the cinematographer who has done some good work in the movie. The dialogue writers have also let loose the spirit of the movie. Jimmy Shergil plays the role of a guy who has completed his education from Columbia University and plans to come to India to set up a call centre business disregarding the denial fro his love Nisha Rawal(Maya). He meets Monishka Gupta (Tanvi) who helps him in his endeavor and she eventually falls in love with him, but he refuses. She then makes his life a hell. The story then is about how he escapes out of her net.

Anu Malik is back on the track with Hastey Hastey songs. The title track has his voice crooning to get the Anu Malik feel. This is a hip number with good guitar tunes. The album ends with the sad version of the song. Kunal Ganjawala gives in voice for ‘Bheegi Bheegi Teri Zulafe’, and as expected is a melodious beating song which has the 70s charm in it can be downloaded from songs.pk. ‘Rock the World’ has great English lyrics making the song a superb dance floor track. The solo versions of the song do not meet the beat though. ‘New Age Mantra’ has been a total disaster from Anu Malik where he has not maintained the music strong enough to capture the attention of today’s youth. The track worth mentioning is ‘Almadad Chere Khuda’ which is a sufi based song with Zubin Garg on the vocals. This is a racy love song more like the songs of Zeher.

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