Hijack Songs


A new story depicted in a very special manner, debut director Kunal Shivadasani has ventures into a challenging movie world with Hijack. The base story is terrorism with a good deal of emotions. The emotions that a father has for his son are well depicted in the movie. Shiney Ahuja plays the role of a ground maintenance officer and has a friend Rajeev who is a Security Chief. Shiney Ahuja’s daughter was traveling in a flight and it gets hijacked. They demand the release of their person from the prison. Shiney along with the help of Saira (Esha Deol) sneaks into the aircraft and kills each of the terrorists.

The music of Hijack songs have been done by newcomers Justin-Uday who have together done a good job for the movie. The album starts off with a romantic number. ‘Aksar’ which seems more like a Pritam song. Maybe debut duo has been inspired by his music. If you hear the song once, you will be tempted to listen to it again and again and therefore make sure that you download it from songs.pk for the best clarity. ’Dekh Dekh ‘ keeps to the trend with its mix of English and Hindi lyrics with western music. The club remix of the song is sure to make its impact on the dance floors and clubs. ’Koi Na Jaane’ is a slow track where the actor is asking help from God to guide him. The song hasn’t been a very good one though. The ‘Theme of Hijack’ is the last track of the album and is a good one as a situational background score.

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