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Kidnap says the story of revenge with a good amount of suspense filled into the movie. But at some places, the movie falls short of the ‘X’ factor to keep the viewer engrossed in it. Sonia is the daughter or Dr Mallika and Vikrant Raina (Sajay Dutt). The parents are separated and the daughter asks her mother that she wants to meet her father on her 18th birthday. She is stuck with dilemma when Sonia get skidnapepd and the kidnapper demands that he will negotiate only with her father. The distressed mother brings back Vikrant to get back the daughter. The kidnapper makes him listen to his orders.

Kidnap Songs Review
The year 2008 has been a great one for Pritam and its Pritam magic over all hits. ‘Hey Ya’ is a hit track from the movie which is hip and youthful track under the vocals of Suzy Q. The video of the song is another reason for the song being a chartbuster due to its colorful picturization and choreography. The album has a guest track ‘Mit Jaaye’ by Sandeep Vyas and Sajeev Vyas. The song is a hit in music channels and is the most promoted song of the movie. The song is the theme song of Kidnap. ‘Mausam’ is a seductive track which will keep you listening keenly every bit of the song for its lovely lyrics and wonderful music. ‘Haan Ji’ is a simple space-filler picturized over Sanjayda and the song could have been avoided in the movie. ‘Meri Ek Ada Shola’ is a club dance song which is a total failure from Pritam.

Mausam Video Song
truly hot Manisha Lamba in full HD quality


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