Meerabai Not Out Songs


The title sure does not give any idea about what the movie is about, but the ‘Not Out’ gives a small smell of being related to cricket. The story is about a cricket enthusiast, Meerabhai who is so crazy about cricket that she leave her engagement half way through and leaves to watch cricket on her engagement day. Director Chandrakant Kulkarni has said such a simple matter in a long 2 and a half hour movie. The movie is about cricket but has nothing to hold the cricket enthusiastic audience. Meera (Mandira Bedi) is a teacher and loves cricket and Anil Kumble very dear to her heart. She decides to marry after she meets Arjun (Eijas Khan), but will she able to come out of her love for cricket to lead a married life?

The music of the movie is by Sandesh Shandlilya and not much is expected from this unconventional movie which has been released a year after its expected release date. The movie has a good song track to its credit with ‘Hai Rama’ which is a song filled with fun and frolic. This item song picturized over Mandira Bedi and Eijaz Khan is a catchy one and has been picturized too very well. Only if the movie was released at the right time with good promotional back up, the song would have made a great hit at the box office. The title track ‘Meerabhai Not Out’ starts out well, but 30 seconds into the song and you will feel lost. ‘Chal De Rapat’ is a street number and has a cricket game in the video picturization. The song also has a remix version but fails to make any impression even with its remix version.

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