Pyaar Ke Side Effects Songs


Pyaar Ke Side Effects is an unusual Bollywood movie by the debutant director Saket which mirrors the truths that have to be faced by a growing number of people in the metropolises. It takes up the issue of marriage versus live in relationship – a relationship between two adults who love each other, live with each other but are not prepared for marriage. Sid (Rahul Bose) is a DJ leading an idyllic life. He has a girlfriend Trisha (Mallika Sherawat) who proposes to him right in the middle of a cricket match. Sid is wary of marriage, but the only way he can keep Trisha in his life is by committing to her. Thus follows the nightmarish search for various answers which tackles the issues taken up by the movie in an enjoyable and entertaining vein.

Pyaar Ke Side Effects songs are all hip hop. The opening rap, pyaar karke, is a hardcore Punjabi track which, however, has a feet tapping effect for everyone. The remix version further builds up the tempo for the dance floor. Dil tod ke na ja, begins on a western track but soon turns into a fusion qawwali rendered soulfully by Rakesh Pandit. It too has a remix version for the dance floor. Jaane kya is a semi classical -western fusion for the class audience. Is this love and bad boy are other numbers in the movie album, the latter appearing in as many as three versions. On the whole, Pyaar Ke Side Effects songs are chiefly for the dance floor, but can also shake you up when you listen to them lying down. Just go to and enjoy the experience by downloading them.

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