Ru Ba Ru Songs

Ru Bu Ru takes inspiration from the Hollywood movie IF Only. The Bollywood movie being the debut directorial of Arjun Bali, is a good one. The director has depicted the story line very well in the movie even though the story is a little hypothetical. The guy and the girl is in love. The girl wants to get married but the guy is committed to his career and his job. The guy begins to forget the small things that mean a lot in a relationship and finally the girl leaves him. What happens next is the suspense of the story.

Ru Ba Ru Songs Album
The main attractive feature of Ru Ba Ru songs is that that album has a min blowing 12 original tracks with not even a single remix version. Hats off to Satyadev Burman and Sameeruddin. The first song itself shows the versatility of the music directors with Jaspinder Narula crooning for the title track ‘Ru Ba Ru’. The song is a total mix of sufi, rock and conventional Indian movie music. You can even find elements of bhangra and rap in this song. Even after having a mix of several genres, the song is a total hit at and the life saving song for the album. Another version of the title track with the same lyrics ‘Ru Ba Ru’ but with different lyrics and music can be found later in the album voiding any chances of a remix. ‘Tham jaa Ruk Jaa’ is a song which has just the guitar strings to the background. A totally new music and new idea done well by Ranjit Barot

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