Saas bahu aur Sensex Songs

Saas Bahu Sensex MP3 Songs Album
Saas bahu aur Sensex Bollywood movie has an put-of-the-way title and a different story line too. The top rated TV shows are the Saas-Bahu shows. The movie is a mix of this and the stock market but is a bit long. Tanushree Dutta (Nitya) moves in to Mumbai with her mother, Kiron Kher. Her neighbor, Ankur Khanna (Ritesh) helps her out in the new city. Her mother joins the kitty parties and at the same times meets a guy who helps her sell the shares that her father had left for her. She then convinces her friends to invest in stocks. The story then moves forward with a mix of kitty parties, stock market, and the youth.

Saas bahu aur Sensex Songs Review
The name of the movie gives no good idea about Saas Bahu Aur Sensex songs as the movie tells an unconventional story. But, you will be stunned to hear the very first track which is a romantic poetic song rendered wonderfully well by Javed Ali . The song is the kind that the lovers will clutch to it the first time they hear it on Rap songs have been ever favorite and this one ‘What’s Up India’ is a rocking track by lyrics by Blaaze. The song is litereally the title song. The remix version of the song is better than the original. Item number is must in today’s movies and this has been included with ‘Mujhmein Nigahein Dall De’ which has both an Arabic and western music influence. The song is also found in an English only version in the album. ‘Mithri Mithri’ is a song with a Punjabi taste with a good mix of rap too.

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