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Salam Namaste tells a beautiful story of live-in relationships which no other director other than Siddharth Raj Anand has told it ever so neatly. The characters Nick (Saif ) and Amber (Priety Zinta) have been rendered very real by the actors in this bollywood movie. Nick is a chef by profession and stays in Melbourne and lives a free life. Ambar is an RJ of the show ‘Salaam Namaste’ and Nick fails to turn up for the due to his sleeping habit. Ambar decides steady up Nick’s carefree life. They eventually fall in love while they share the same house. The fights between the two blooms into love, will this end in marriage?
Songs Review
Under Yash Raj Production, as usual the music factor has been maintained very well in Salaam Namaste songs. Exposing such a youth movie with modern concept, the music has also come out very up and very much to the relief of the audience. The title track ‘Salaam Namaste’ works as a background track for the movie with vocals by Kunal Ganjawala and Vasundara Das is yet another zippy Punjabi feel song. ‘My Dil Goes Mmm’ has the boy and girl singing about each other and why still love has taken its toll. The music directors Vishal and Shekhar have made this song special with simple soft music for a peppy song. ‘Tu Jahaan’ is a soft melody track expressing the intense feelings of love. ‘Whats goin on’ is a full stretch fun song which works something like a conversation where Preity and Saif are on the streets in the night while she is carrying. The album has remix tracks with Dhol mix of ‘ Salaam Namaste’, ‘Club Mix’ and Instrumental version of ‘My Dil Goes’ . All the songs are simply superb and a must download from

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  1. Nishat says:

    This movie is so awesome man!!!
    I enjoyed this movie so much that I watched it four times a week!

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