Superstar Songs

Starring Kunal Khemu this story is about twins, but the major story factor is about greed taking hold of a person. Superstar movie would have made it big if not for the scripting and editing issues which are predominant at some places in movie. The idea was a good one, but the execution went wrong. Kunal dreams of being a superstar in bollywood. He struggles to get there but is taken through a different way when a duplicate copy of him, Karan enters into Bollywood and his life and Kunal’s dreams are shattered. The story then takes an interesting turn and they become friends but yet there is much more unexpected twists to the story. Worth a watch.
Being a movie set in a Bollywood backdrop, the Superstar songs does partial justice to the movie and its title. They are songs which are good listening to, but not the kind that would stay in your mind forever. Adnan Sami does a slow lazy tone with ‘Don’t I Love Or Do I Love You’. It does work like magic as his earlier songs and towards the middle Sunidhi Chauhan comes in to give a little life to the song. The best contribution from this album is ‘Man Tu Talbat’ from Hamza which has small parts of Persian lyrics. The song has an overall middle-east touch in it. The success of the song has led to it being released in four different remix versions. The ghazal ‘Aankhon Se Khwab’ is also a good one which keeps you expecting for more good songs from this movie. ‘Ajnabi’ on guitar strings reminds you of old 70s songs with its jazzy beats. The same trend has been followed in “Rafa Dafa’ too.

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