Tahaan Music

About the Movie
The title of the movie doesn’t give any idea about the movie. Tahaan is a Bollywood movie directed by Santhosh Sivan is about the story of a boy named Tahan. The child artist Purav has done a great job in the movie. The lead character in the movie is Tahan who lives with his grandpa, mother and sister. The whole story takes place in Kashmir. Tahan’s father has been missing for years. As the grandpa dies, the money lender takes off all the assets of the family including Tahan’s favorite donkey. The boy goes searching for his lovable donkey and comes across a guy Idrees who promises to get back his donkey for him if he carries the saddle across the mountain. The saddle contains grenade. What will happen of the boy?
Tahaan Music
Music by Taufique Qureshi and the story being an unconventional one, the music genre is much unexpected about Tahan songs. The first song of the album has been done well by Adnan Sami as the composer and the singer. ‘Jee Lo’ takes you by surprise when you hear on songs.pk as it is a fun filled track and the lyrics inspires one to live life to the full. The song has a mix of Indian and western music. ‘Mastaan Mastaan’ is found in two versions, folk and western remixes. In the western version, Santhosh Shivan has bought Kvanaa band to add the western music to the song which is purely a folk number. ‘Ha Faqero’ has Gulzar Ganai on the vocals and is of course a poetic one which has kept the rustic feel of the song. ‘Chakri Modern’ is a peppy track after Jee Lo and yet is a folk music based song.

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