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Tum Mile is upcoming Bollywood movie releasing on 12th of Nov 2009 directed by Kunal Deshmukh and produced by Mahesh Bhat under the banner of Vishesh Films, Sony Music. The movie stars Emraan Hashmi and Soha Ali Khan as the main leads. The music and songs of Tum Mile have been directed by Pritam. The songs are a huge success, and once again Pritam has done it. Nice background music, well suited lyrics and singers like KK make the tracks a success.

Plot:- Story of Tum Mile is based on the Monsoon in Mumbai and heavy rains, floods and how people have to struggle to live their breath.

Tum Mile Trailer and Detailed Story

To view the trailer of the movie and full story including cast and roles you can visit- http://www.indiaglitz.com/channels/hindi/article/48558.html
In general movie theme is romance based on Mumbai flood on July 26 2005. Two lovers who meet after 6 years and now occupying different worlds of their. They meet, start seeing each other again and develop a new bond. Then after heavy rains in Mumbai there is a flood and both of them get trapped in the flood. The movie is less about the floods and more a romance.

Album Information

Album Name- Tum Mile
Artist- Various
Music Director- Pritam
Lyrics- Sayeed Quadri, Kumaar
Source- Audio CD, MP3
Label and Copyright- Sony Music

List of Songs of Tum Mile

01 – Neeraj Shridhar – Tum Mile
02 – K.K. – Dil Ibaadat
03 – Javed Ali – Tu Hi Haqeeqat
04 – Mohit Chauhan – Iss Jahaan Mein
05 – Javed Ali – Tum Mile (Love Reprise)
06 – K.K. – O Meri Jaan
07 – K.K. – Dil Ibaadat (Rock)
08 – Shafqat Amanat Ali – Tum Mile (Rock)
09 – Instrumental – Soul Of Tum Mile

Download Songs of Tum Mile

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  1. m*i*u* says:

    awesome songs from tum mile

  2. Rajiv says:

    got the link to download all songs at songs.pk- Tum Mile Songs.pk

  3. achal says:

    well, i didn’t see the picture, but what i like the most is it’s songs. Song “tu hi haqeeqat” is the best, Superb. It is my favorite song. I never sleep without hearing it.

  4. Thermoplastic Elastomers says:

    sony music would be the biggest company in entertainment from what i see in the future. they have a good business plan

  5. zubi says:

    i like ‘dil ibaadat’ song very much

  6. zameer says:

    Dil Ibaadat song is better then tu hi haqeeqat

  7. mahwish hina says:

    Awesome song ‘tu hi haqeeqat’ i love it very much

  8. Mujikeer says:

    Asusual Pritam Rocks
    Imran Hashmi Once again Proved That Music From His Films Are Mind Blowing

  9. kainat khan says:

    songs from this film are awsome

  10. shakhawat shetu says:

    songs of “Tum Mile” are excellent & also emotional.

  11. Rahul khanna says:

    tum mile…….oh! my good what a beautyful song&movie

  12. rahul says:

    tum mile is so romantic movie
    and tum mile (love reprise)is most hearted song

  13. sabreen mir says:

    i love all the songs of tum mile

  14. SITANSHU TYAGI says:


  15. nomaan says:

    tum mile song is this year best song.

  16. anveshna says:

    tu hi haqeeqat and title song is mind blowing fantastic

  17. Melita says:

    Good, lovely, & romantic songs really.

  18. shikha says:

    All the best for the new up coming film & both of u rock the Bollywood.

  19. saad says:


  20. ananya says:

    i like the song tum mile very much.there are so sweet songs.

  21. NILOFER says:

    From the whole film i liked only “Tu hi Haqeeqat” song and my most hated hero is “Imraan Haashmi” but after tum mile I started liking him.

  22. Tasneem shaikh says:

    Tu hi Haqeeqat is the best song I’ve heard , it should be voted as the best song of the year. Javed Ali has performed superb.

  23. gaurav says:

    so sweet songs

  24. SUNIL says:

    Its the best song I’ve ever heard.

  25. SUNIL says:


  26. sadi says:

    Its a good movie

  27. nima says:

    I liked the song. Its rocking .

  28. sanjay kumar chak says:

    Tum Mile is a very good movie with very nice song. I like song of this movie.

  29. Tony says:

    awesome songs

  30. Pp says:

    Tum mile is good movie found review on noyda.com.

  31. mandeep says:

    they are the best song of the world of the bollybood.

  32. pradipta says:

    Its the best song I’ve ever heard.

  33. Lucky says:

    All the best song. All Album

  34. zuheb khan says:

    Tum Mile songs are best for the year 2009

  35. Ishesh Goyal says:

    The best songs of the 2009 year.

  36. Rukhxeo says:

    Imran Hashmi is my most favourite actor and me waiting for his movie very thirsty.
    This movie, no doubt is a BLOCK BUSTER MOVIE of Imran Hashmi.

  37. Ashish Dhadhal says:

    Tum mile is good

    and Kathiyavad is also good

    Jay suryadev

    Jay mataji

  38. Jahangeer says:

    Tum mile songs are awesome, specially I like ‘Tu Hi Haqeeqat’. Its very nice song. All the best for movie. Imraan Hashmi and Soha Looks good.

  39. Chitra says:

    Dude ! It’s just Superb and Cool. I really like this and the song is nice and it really beat my heart.

  40. shan says:

    Imran Hashmi is looking handsome in this movie.
    Tum Mile is one of superb movie in the Bollywood.

  41. Sarmad Ali says:

    Imran Hashmi is a very bad actor.

  42. arfa nisar says:

    Imran Hashmi is an exceptional actor, and we all love him so much and wish him Best of Luck for this superb movie.

  43. sunny says:

    Songs of this movie are awesome specially “Tu Hi Haqeeqat”
    I think this movie is super hit movie in this year.

  44. jbuss says:

    this song is very nice & i feel in heart and I PROMISE TO THIS MOVIE, IT IS A SUPER SUPER SUPER HIT MOVIE IN THE BOLLYWOOD

  45. prasad says:

    They are superb yaar!

  46. Ravikiran says:

    Tum Mile all songs are very nice.

  47. islam says:

    title songs is the best

  48. chandana says:

    Tum Mile songs are really very good…….. wish every one to listen n’ enjoy

  49. AYUSHI says:



    This is a disgusting movie. We should protect this kind of movie.

  51. akash says:

    Tum mile is one of the best movie in this year.
    EMRAAN HASHMI is one of the best actor in the bollywood.

  52. mrinalini says:

    The songs of tum mile are awesome specially ”tu hi haqeekat” & dil ibadat. The title is also amazing!! All the best to the film!

  53. rahima says:


  54. nirbhay says:

    Tum Mile title song is the best song and I like it.

  55. roxy says:

    Tum Mile’s songs are rocking

  56. harman nayyar says:

    Tum Mile songs are the best songs.

  57. Raj says:

    title song is the best !!

  58. Priyaank says:

    tum mile songs are the best !! its a nice collection of songs so far in this year !!

  59. koyani mital says:

    hi your picture is fine and wonderfull

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