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Veer Zaara Movie Review: Over the years, every other Bollywood movie says the story of love in one way or the other. This one says a story of love across the border. I certain places, you will feel your patriotism jingle up. Veer Pratap Singh (Shah Rukh Khan) is an Indian rescue pilot. While on a rescue operation, he meets Zaara (Preity Zinta), daughter of a high class Pakistani politician. She came to India to immerse the holy ash of her surrogate mother. Veer escorts Zaara to his homeplace and gradually they fall in love. Zaara has to marry Raza, a Pakistani as fixed by her parents. Veer comes to know of this and reaches Lahore but to be arrested by the police. Zaara is forced to marry Raza. After 22 years lawyer Saamiya Siddiqui (Ranu Mukherjee) comes to rescue Veer. Will she be successful? Why did he be silent all this time?
Veer Zaara Movie Songs: A combination of Yash Chopra and Shah Rukh sure calls for great music by the Maestro Madan Mohan. Wonder how the yesteryear musicians music is used to this day. He has a lot of memorable numbers to his credit and he had composed a whole lot of music tunes to be used and unfortunately he died before he could use them. Yash Chopra, personally selected a handful of tunes which he felt will suit Veer Zaara songs and have used it skillfully with the help of Madan Mohan’s son, Sanjeev Kohli. And for this reason, the songs and the music will take you back to the yesteryears. The album begins with ‘Tere Liye’ which is a sad number and is the theme song of the movie. ‘Aisa Des Hai Mera’ has Shah Rukh Khan explaining to Preity, how beautiful his land is. This is a kind of patriotic song. All the songs at are simply superb and suits with the story of the movie.

Veer Zaara Video Songs HD

Tere Liye Song in HD Quality

Jaanam Dekhlo Video Song (aka Main Yahaan Hoon Song)

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  1. Qayum Ch says:

    Veer Zara is perfect love story. Directors should make such love stories to prevent love.

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