Welcome to Sajjanpur Songs


Welcome to Sajjanpur is a story of the aam janta. The Bollywood movie says the story of many people who you might meet in your daily life presented in a well arranged and scripted way. The story introduces Mahadev (Shreyas) who is one among the few educated lot of the village and spends time writing and reading letters near the village post office. He uses his power to amuse the people. Some scenes fall short of a Shyam Benegal touch. The movie is simple without any glitz or glamour. But the movie is worth watching for its narration and the story.

Welcome to Sajjanpur songs are wrongly placed all over the movie and the movie would have felt even better without these unnecessary songs. The film is set in small town and the songs are also of the same genre. The album begins off with ‘Sita Ram Sita Ram’ which is a catchy pure Indian musical song which goes by the way that people are greeted in the country. The video is rightly set with the whole village coming together for the song. Remixes are the trend of the season and so you can find the remix of this one to towards the end of the album. ‘Ek Meetha Marz De Ke’ is a slow melody track sung by Mohit Chauhan and Madhusree but the song is not a great flick due to its lazy track. ‘Bheeni Bheeni” is the best song of the album and a must download from songs.pk. The song has been well carried in the voice of Shreya Ghoshal which is a love song with the Bangla feel to it.


  1. Reshma says:

    Enjoyable one time watch movie.

  2. Tarun Srivastava says:

    its a beautiful movie with nice story Bheeni Bheeni Mehki Mehki is sweet song…

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