Anushka Sharma’s Lip Surgery?

anushka before after lips
True or not, but the news has caught the attention of Anushka Sharma and she is not happy about it. According to rumors Anushka Sharma did a cosmetic surgery enhancing her lips making her more attractive. This was first noticed at the time of release of her movie Jab Tak Hai Jaan and gossips began when she was doing promotion for her movie. She denied everything and still does but gossips are still going on. Bollywood Uncut channel at youtube has to add:

At a recent awards function in Macau, a bright dash of color on her mouth did little to take off our eyes from what seemed to be not so natural.
Check out the video below

Though some are finding her more attractive, after the surgery, her original self was not bad either. I personally do not like her new look but everyone had different choice. Earlier Hollywood actors were into plastic surgeries to enhance their Beauty but now the trend is coming to India. Anushka Sharma’s lip surgery is the latest example. She had very thin lips but now we can see her make a full pout with her lips.

What do you guys have to say? Does it look like its true or just the rumors?

What Anushka has to say?

I have read this and you want to make me feel uncomfortable (by asking this)… This is a highly personal question. I don’t believe in these things and I have always said that I dont need to..
“I am not a fool that I will go and get my face changed in the mid of my career. I would have done it from the first film had I have wanted to do so..

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