A.R. Rahman teams with Rolling Stone member Mick Jagger

After sweeping the audiences across the globe with his compositions last year for Slumdog Millionaire, it is time he did the same once again only this time he will be teaming up with legendary Mick Jagger, member of the unforgettable band ‘The Rolling Stones’. It has been reported that singer Joss Stone, rapper-actor Nas, Bob Marley’s sons Damien and Stephen will be featuring in the song as well.

Sources further reveal that Mick Jagger and Joss Stone got along very well with each other when they were working with producer Dave Stewart on the ‘Alfie’ soundtrack. Upon hearing the opportunity for the two to work again they both got on board with equal enthusiasm, especially after they were told of the rest of the talented cast of musicians involved in the project.

According to sun.co.uk the song will be released on the United Nations International Day for Peace, which would be celebrated on 21st of September 2009.

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