Enough cricket for Sharukh Khan

According to sources it has come to attention that there is a possibility that bollywood superstar and the owner of the IPL team Kolkata Knight Riders may sell the team as it not reaping him any profits. As per the ‘Business Standards’ report Sharukh Khan is in talks with mega companies like the Ambani Group, Sahara and Nokia to sell the team he paid Rs. 300 Crores to buy.

It has been revealed that Sharukh Khan has been trying very hard to sell the team for a very long time now but the companies willing to buy the team wanted Sharukh to give up management control as well.

According to a Red Chillies official, Sharukh Khan wants to quit the IPL owning to the poor performance of his team. So far the team has managed to win just a single match in the full game.

Sharukh Khan has not been discrete in showing his disappointed with the team and has threatened the same by saying that he will not return to South Africa unless the team starts winning their matches and starts taking the game seriously and learn from their mistakes.

Sharukh khan said if his team continues to lose like this, he would not be going back to South Africa. He will go only when they play well and win.

Increase in costs is another reason for Sharukh’s decision for selling his team. Apparently, the team cost him Rs. 300 Crores for the next ten yrs. And the annual price tag of the team is Rs. 75 Crores.

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