Gerard Butler Proposes to Priyanka Chopra

It turns out that the farewell party Priyanka Chopra threw at her residence last week in Versova for good friend Gerard Butler was not just any farewell party. According to sources Gerard was in such a good mood that he kept asking Priyanka to marry him every hour or so. Sources further revealed that he was sometimes deliberately loud while proposing so that it would catch everyone’s attention. But to our dismay Priyanka Chopra just laughed off his good humored advances.

It has also been reported that Gerard went traditional while proposing to her. He took her to the dance floor, got down on one knee and asked her to marry him. But the most interesting part was that Shahid, who was also present at the party, didn’t seem to mind Gerard’s behavior at all which puts another question forward, is Shahid really dating Priyanka or are they just good friends, like they have always claimed?

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