John, Aamir and SRK starrer ‘Bombay Velvet’

It has been reported that Slum-dog director Danny Boyle and the famous Anurag Kashyap are casting none other than Aamir Khan and Shah Rukh Khan, together in their forthcoming flick ‘Bombay Velvet’. But also the news is that John Abraham was the first actor to be signed for this international epic.

A source revealed that it was because of Anurag and John, who after working together in ‘No Smoking’ decided to do another movie together and this is how ‘Bombay Velvet’ was given shape.

The movie is divided into three segments and John is signed for the second one. John has been preparing extensively for his role and even has cut his price drastically for Anurag. SRK and Aamir are signed for first and third segment respectively.

Let’s hope the dream of John and Anurag, to make their flick accessible to the public, comes true!!

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