John Abraham bags another international venture

Bollywood superstar John Abraham is all geared up to endeavor another international project with a gangster movie ‘American Empire’. Sources reveal that John Abraham, who is currently reading the script of the movie is very excited about his new project. As he is reading the script, he says he is trying to understand his character in as much detail as the script would allow. He also added that he is very glad to be a part of the project and is looking forward to it.

The well-known director, Andy Armstrong who was famously known for the TV series ‘The New Adventures of Robin Hood’, will direct the gangster movie. Though not much has been revealed of John Abraham’s character in this movie but it has been reported that the movie revolves around a young woman and her assassin boyfriend. It is believed that Andy Armstrong will showcase a strange portrayal of the criminal world with angst, violence and eccentric characters.

John Abraham was earlier involved in Deepa Mehta’s oscar nominated movie ‘water’ a film about the life of the widows in an ashram in Varanasi. John played a character of a young and charming upper-class follower of Mahatma Gandhi who falls in love with Lisa Ray’s character, a young widow living in the ashram. 219

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