Katrina bags Dibakar’s next film

Dibakar’s films have their own appeal and flavor which makes actors want to be a part of his project no matter what role they maybe offered. The same goes for Katrina who has managed to get a role in Dibakar Banerjee’s next film and is excited to be a part of his latest venture.

More interestingly, it was Katrina’s british accent that gave her extra credit while consideration for the lead role. Her infamous accent, which has lost her some very good roles in the past, now has now come to her advantage. Though the accent has been a hurdle for her in regards to her career, she has come a long way and has learnt to speak hindi as well as any other Indian actor, but the dialogue delivery still needs to be worked out but with time its definite that she’ll overcome that as well.

The film is about ‘a love triangle with a gay angle’. Imran Khan and Abhay Deol have been approached to play the two leading men in the film while Katrina has been finalized to play the female lead. It had been reported that Sonam Kapoor had her eyes on the role as well and papa Anil Kapoor also wanted his daughter to do the film but it was decided by Dibakar that Katrina was better suited for the role as she possessed the firang background and matched the role perfectly.

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