Ranbir and Deepika love hits a rough patch



It has come to attention that all is not well in Tinseltown and this time it has everything to do with Ranbir Kapoor and his girlfriend Deepika Padukone . It has come to everyone’s attention that the heartthrob couple’s very public love has hit a rocky patch. Though the couple maintain a happy face in front of one and all, it’s a completely different story altogether behind their act.

If rumors are to be believed, Deepika and Ranbir were supposed to attend film Dostana’s director Tarun Mansukhani’s birthday bash but work commitments did not allow Deepika to join her beau at the party and like any other gentleman would have, Ranbir offered to go alone. Now, comes the twist in the tale, he didn’t go either.

Instead of attending the birthday party like he promised to he chose to attend another party where his debut co-star Sonam kapoor was also present with close friend Kunal Kapoor. And to make things worse, Ranbir did not tell any of this to Deepika who remained under the impression for several days that Ranbir was at Tarun Mansukhani’s birthday party. When Deepika found out about the truth, Deepika gave Ranbir an earful who in return was apologizing and giving excuses like how his plan had changed at the last minute.

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