Ranbir Kapoor with beard in Rocket Singh

Ranbir Kapoor who had been trying his level best to keep his new look away from the eyes of the paparazzi had to finally stop hiding and come out in the open dawning his new avatar out of compulsion when he went to cast his vote at the Palli Hill Polling station. Ranbir Kapoor has grown a beard for his latest Yash Raj Film- Rocket Singh to add authenticity to the character as he is playing a role of a Sikh character.

Check out the latest promos of Rocket Singh, movie releasing in a day. The first promo is promo no 10 of this movie and is a short one of just 15 seconds. Both the video are in high quality and HD.

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UPDATE: The movie Rocket Singh was not a hit and Ranbir Kapoor was also not happy with the response to his film. But this song was still quite popular and video shows the full look of Ranbir in Sikh look with beard. Watch the making of this song, its funny and nice time pass. Its just 5 min video. The Making of Pocket Mein Rocket Music Video is in high quality (HD Video).

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