Shahid shows a new way to Priyanka

After all the ‘are they going out?’ ‘are they just good friends?’ it has become too obvious the kind of relationship Shahid Kapoor and Priyanka Chopra share with each other. They are indeed a couple. And as her boyfriend Shahid Kapoor is as concerned about Priyanka as any other guy would be for his girlfriend. As we all know, Priyanka Chopra has just recently been discharged from the hospital after being admitted for a stomach infection. And now not only the doctors but Shahid Kapoor himself has advised Priyanka to stay away from alcohol and would make sure she stays well away from it as well.

Its not like Priyanka is a complete alcoholic, sources say. She likes to drink occasionally with family and close friends but Shahid Kapoor on the other hand is a complete teetotaler and a strict vegetarian and it is only fair that he expects the same from his new girlfriend. He imposed the no alcohol rule on Priyanka because he believes that alcohol may aggravate her ill conditions. Sources also reveal that it is not only alcohol that he’s trying to keep away but also he has advised the actress the to go slow and take good long breaks between projects.

Shahid is also well known for changing ex-girlfriend, Kareena kapoor’s habits. She too like him has turned into a strict vegetarian and is a teetotaler.

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