Sharukh to dance at a high profile wedding for Rs. 3 crores!

IF rumors are to be believed, bollywood superstar Sharukh Khan will not be coming to India from the way to South Africa to cast his vote and promote democracy within the youth and the rest of the country but also to dance in a high profile wedding of Kanti Govani’s nephew. Kanti is the owner of a well known commercial complex in Mumbai and is known for roping in Salman Khan and Akshay Kumar to perform at the shaadi for his son’s wedding as well.

It is also rumored that Sharukh would be paid Rs. 3 crores to shake a leg at the wedding. The news in more of an irony because Shahrukh himself once said if his team did not do well in the IPL, he will dance at the wedding to make up for the loss.

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