Sharukh walks back with half the price of what he demanded

We told you before about Sharukh performing at a wedding for Rs. 3 Crores. But according to sources, on the night of the wedding Sharukh couldn’t keep his promise and dance at the wedding, as he was feeling unwell. But he did keep the audience in fits of laughter for the next 45 minutes as he made jokes on himself, his team’s disastrous performance at the IPL and to make things more interesting he went as far as breaking a bottle on his head.

Trying to keep is promise as much as he could he danced with the relatives of the bride and groom and also when he found out that an old lady wanted to dance with him, he like a gentleman danced with her as well. But things went a little over board when many kids ran to the stage to Sharukh. The security people panicked but Sharukh reassured them that kids were not a danger to him in any way and danced with them as well.

Though his performance was worth the Rs 3 Crores that he had demanded, Sharukh went home with Rs 1.5 Crores only.

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