Sidhant Kapur in Bollywood film “Tutiya Dil”

sid kapur
Time and luck when shine makes everything twinkle and sparkle. It is said good time polishes and everything in life turns in awe. The journey of Sidhant from a boy next door in Jammu to a model and then a Theatre Actor to a Leading actor is commendable and praiseworthy. Sidhant is a feather in cap for city of Jammu as he is the first boy to augment the ladder of leadings actors. He has managed to seek himself a role as a leading hero in approaching Bollywood movie called Tutiya Dil. The movie is directed by Amit Khanna.

Let’s have a glimpse at his voyage from a normal boy to an actor. He turned heads and made hearts pound louder with his star stud ramp walk for renowned fashion designers. His traits were good looks and a magic persona that attracted him to Mumbai. He worked with various trademark like Hero Honda, Close up, Clean Clear Shampoo. He followed his heart and his dreams and goals. In Mumbai he quenched his thirst of learning more from life by doing professional theatre. His belief that life is a lesson and we keep learning at every stage made him accomplish the role of leading actor. Though stars have shone on him and he has climbed the ladder of success and fame he is pretty down to earth guy. He is in very much touch with his city where his roots have sprung and relishes the home made food by his mother and kept his friendship intact. One look towards him and you are bowled over by his million dollar smile and positive persona.

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