Vivek Oberoi makes a comeback with RG Verma’s Rakta Charitra

Vivek Oberoi
After a string of flops for Vivek Oberoi, it seems like there is still a ray of hope for the bollywood actor to make his presence felt in the film industry. Well known director, Ram Gopal Verma has offered Vivek Oberoi the lead role in his next film Rakta Charitra, a film about a rebel who turns into a politician. According to Ram Gopal Verma, this project is very important for both Vivek and him as it would re-launch both of their career. This would have been understandable given the fact that Vivek is not doing so well in the film industry right now but Verma who is doing pretty well for himself, goes on to insist that this film is important for both of them because he knows for sure that Vivek will not get a better role other than the role he has to offer of Paritala Ravi and there is no way that Verma could land with a better story to make other than Rakta Charitra.

Sources revealed that Verma gave a lot of thought into whom to cast as Paritala Ravi and after considered all known and unknown actors he finally decided to pick Vivek and felt it was the only ideal choice to play the commanding role.

Verma also spoke as to why Vivek made the ideal choice. According to him Vivek has remarkable intensity in his eyes that he noticed during the shooting of Company, a film that launched Vivek Oberoi in the film fraternity seven years ago as Chandu in 2002. He goes on to add that he has a voice that commands attention, arrogance in his demeanor and an enormous power in his stance. There is also a hint of vulnerability which would make the audience warm upto him quickly. Which is what he needed of someone to fit the character of Paritala Ravi. The movie is about a murder accused who was one of the most feared men ever in the bloody section of politics of southern India.

The story of Rakta Charita will span 12-15 years and Vivek will dawn different looks for the film. That’s another reason as to why this film is likely to bring a boost in his career graph and let’s hope this does well for both.

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