Winners of Knight and Angels sent back home

Bollywood Super star and the owner of IPL cricket team-Kolkata Knight Riders, Sharukh Khan has decided to send back the Indian cheerleaders of the IPL team back to India. It was a very upsetting episode for everyone as the cheerleaders were selected after a very difficult competition, which was aired on NDTV imagine as a reality dance show called Knights and Angels and most felt all the hard work had gone to waste.

According to sources, it was worst for the girls as they did not get a single opportunity to showcase their talent and all their hard work was not even acknowledged. The reason behind the sudden shift it plans was that the people there only wanted South African cheerleaders to perform on the field. The six cheerleaders-Ananya, Sunanda, Samyukata, Rupali, Ritika and Sana were sent back to India had flown to South Africa and reached the IPL venue on the April 15th 2009 but were told they wont be getting a chance to perform.

They still haven’t been given their money as of yet and have made them sign an year’s contract in which it clearly states that financial matters would be taken up only when Sharukh Khan gets back to India on April 30th 2009 from South Africa.

Sources also reveal that Sharukh Khan did his best into convincing the authorities to give the cheerleaders a chance on the field and do what they have been selected for.

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