BHAAG MIKHA BHAAG quick review

Bhaag Mikha Bhaag is a basically sporty types movie which involves emotions, pathos, humor and drama. The song Zinda is like the anthem of the movie. It is biopic on Mikha Singh. Farhan Akhtar (Mikha) is totally believable as the eager, energetic, naive, yet very committed runner. Milkha was so poor he couldn’t afford running shoes, and when he got them, he didn’t know how to run in them. When milk was offered in the army in exchange of running practice, he grabbed it (the run and the milk) with both hands. Sonam Kapoor, looking prettier than ever and good performance too.

Run time of movie is more then 3 Hours so must a good deal of patience to watch this movie.

Overall you will enjoy the movie. I rate the movie 4/5. Its must watch

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