Wanted Movie Review

After acting in various middling films for almost two years, Salman Khan is back with a bash into an action film as directed by Prabhu Deva. ‘Wanted’ is an absolute masala movie with various ingredients that includes romance, action, drama, songs and dance and is spiced up with revenge. Other actors in the movie include Ayesha Takia, the lady with whom Salman falls in love; Mahesh Manjrekar, who plays a role of a very lewd and prurient cop; Prakash Raj playing a very funny role of Salman’s boss. Although the story of the movie is not that innovative but still film is not meaningless. It is quite rollicking and convincing. The action scenes of the movie may be a little exaggerated, yet impressive with jaw-breaking, bone crushing and blood splattering fights.

This movie is said to revolve around Salman and Salman only. The story goes like, Radhe (Salman Khan); a gangster and a sharp shooter can kill anybody for money. The action stunts as performed by Salman in the movie are said to be quite wonderful and the best stunts performed by him ever. In the movie, Radhe falls in love with a village girl Janhvi( Ayesha Takia) whose life changes after falling in relationship with Radhe, the gangster. Talpade (Mahesh Manjerakar) a lewd and corrupt cop has been interested in Jhanvi for long. When Radhe saves Jhanvi from Talpade, at that point Jahnvi realizes that she has developed a soft corner for Radhe and she too falls in love with him. Their relationship, as usual, had to go through various bumps and blocks.

On the other hand, Radhe’s gangster boss- Gani is back in country and plans a conspiracy to shoot the minister at an event. But befor the conspiracy could have been given a definite shape, the gangster is dead.

Now, you may be wondering what is new in this story. It is a very old and usual story. The applealing factors in the movie are its action scenes and various cool kicks and punches, the swift and convincing dance moves as choreographed by Prabhu Deva himself. The moves are so lively that can make one groove to the beat. Unfortunately, the music in the movie as given by Sajid-Wajid, doesn’t compliment with the grooves. Also many tracks are simply thrown in the movie out of nowhere, which could have been avoided, disturbing the flow of the movie.

Although the movie gets a little violent at times, but it has been well balanced with some funny and crazy dialogues that will make you laugh. Everyone in the cast of the movie contributes, in their own manner, to some humor making the movie a little light hearted.

Salman Khan is what that makes Wanted worth to be watched. He is showing a very fresh look, great action and a cool and confident attitude and a very cute innocent charm on his face. Ayesha Takia is a pleasure to eye in this movie. Acting of Mahesh Manjerekar will make you loath his character from angle. Prakash Raj’s funny character has not been chaffed to humiliation.

The best part of Wanted is that it is delivers what it promises- a good time pass movie, and isn’t that ostentatious.

Final Rating by or Movie Review Group: 3 *** (Out of 5)


  1. sameer says:

    last week i saw salman khan wanted it was to good actoin was very nice it was 4.5/5

  2. Pratik says:

    I saw the movie yesterday..
    I liked it..
    action dhaasu tha..
    but.. its Salman yaaaar…
    and movie has 2 rock…!!!!!!!
    nice work people..
    its was 3/5..

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