Bollymp3 Error Fixed :: Website Clean

Yesterday via to some ads and hacker attacks, someone installed virus on our website. I too was shocked to see that and it took me whole day to find the virus and fix the website. Many of you might have also noticed the message from Google- “This site may harm your computer”, it was a security message for you all because Google figured it out that someone has hacked the website and installed virus which can be dangerous for you also in worst cases. But now it is fixed 🙂

But to be frank there was nothing so dangerous, the error was due to popup ads, some ugly popup ad loaded up on some computers and tried to install some software, and same happened with Google and hence it showed the message.

Now when it is fixed I am very happy that Buzzworld is back online and I have a request please don’t install any active x or other software as we will not ask you to do that. Our website can ask you to install only 1 software that is Adobe Flash Player which is requiered to play youtube and songs online and is 100% clean software.

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