Bollymp3 Forums Now Online

Forums have been closed due to poor response.

Bollymp3 announces it’s new forum online at !

Now you can discuss anything with your friends and other members free of cost at Bollymp3 Forums.

Discuss anything related to bollywood, hollywood, TV Serials (Dill Mill Gayye :D ) , Reality Shows, Albums, Music whatever you want to. You can also talk off-topic things in general talk. You can request us albums, songs in the request section. If some members have they will upload it for you. This way we will make it a happy community.
The forum is new (Just Launched) so there are very less users, no problem, it will take some time to expand the forum and all the users will surely help me expand this forum. So, lets start Bollymp3 Forums!!
In three months time I will be studying the members and choosing the best members as the forum moderators. So, don’t miss out your chance to be a forum moderator.

Also tell your friends about Bollymp3 Forums and spread the community.

I also have a special gift for our first 100 members so don’t miss out your opportunity be a lucky winner.

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