Drawbacks of Indian TV Serials

Hello to my visitors,
Recently one of my visitors left a comment on Indian TV Serials and I really liked it. Hence, I am publishing it on my website. Please take your time to read it and do leave your comment.

Comment by Nazir from London-

Hi there,

I have posted this e-mail to most Indian drama producing agencies, but it seems that this e-mail may have no bearing on the topic in hand, hence I shall quote my concerns and comments in the following paragraph;

The dramas should not be used merely for the purpose of retaining income but it should entertain the masses and they should be free to view available to all and the income should be retrieved from the commercials and the dramas should be logical and each drama should not exceed longer than 6 or maximum 10 weeks…

* here is the e-mail that was sent to most of Indian drama producing agencies but I’ve not received any replies as yet, and this e-mail has been slightly amended:

I generally enjoy your programmes here in England on your channel but there are some disagreement that I wish to bring to your attention,, please read on:

The dramas on your channel and other Indian dramas producing agencies (Star and 9X, NDtv Imagine etc),, my request to you all is;

(1) Please stop insulting peoples’ intelligence by prolonging the dramas and dragging the time limit to the end of time,, instead please end the dramas like English dramas and movies that each drama does not last longer than 5 weeks but your dramas are seemingly so long and thus so annoying that we feel like put an end to such viewing!

(2) Please also stop insulting peoples’ intelligence by bringing camera (s) on the faces of the actors over and over again with loud music during some kind of seemingly surprise situation because people here in England feel that in Indian directors are seemingly very stupid that whenever some kind of a surprise matter occurs in Indian dramas, they keep flashing cameras on the actor again again,,, which is very stupid as we’re not kids we know that something said or done were surprising so need not produce such horrendous flash photography in your dramas and there shouldn’t be any music in the dramas as well but it should be quite and relaxing just like English (but also to some extent Pakistani) dramas i.e. no noise and stupid camera flashes and da doo’s dhol noises etc….

(3) As mentioned above; do not insult peoples’ intelligence by all the stupid (the reason I refer to it as stupid is because these love stories especially such prolonged ones does not suit this 21st century) lengthy annoying love crap i.e ” I love you, say it again, I love you”, SO damn stupid!!! u insult top middle-class actors by such idiotic crap/such dumb lines u give them to say??? Love u, love you, love you, soooo stupid!!!

(4) please also stop insulting peoples’ intelligence by making the villains appear above the law throughout the (ur endless crap) dramas that top-middle-class actors show their lines as dumb as u can get i.e in one particular drama “karam apna apna” on ‘Star Plus’ channel, the character who plays doctor ( such a high class person ‘a doctor’ acting so stupid that despite knowing all the problems occurring because of him, he still does stupid things by going back to the girl and annoy the character named ‘Samar’ (and Dahhej drama on 9X where the main charactor Kalyani plays a very stupid role by allowing her sister all her rights i.e she should be married to the character Soham and not her sister and Jya Jale where the character Sonaina commits to unwanted marriage without informing anyone which is very stupid and she continues with stupid uneducated and looking like from a stupid family and not from a principle’s family acting etc etc and all other stupid overacting in all the dramas and movies,,, anyway please show LOGICAL and SHORT dramas that is my point)…. as such crap that is currently shown on Indian dramas does not even exist among poor working-class people who are simple but clever enough to know when things go wrong, as well as other channels including 9X, Ndtv Imagine etc show same intelligence insulting acting making fools of their actors and the viewers … so please show some common-sense by showing short dramas and finish crap happening to people whom you show as top-middle-class (educated) people (the actors whom characters are shown as well educated) but yet insulted by such stupid things happening around him/her as if they’re idiots and not educated at all,,, hence does not match the character…

So, simply finish each drama in total of 5 or 6 weeks then put a new drama so we don’t get bored with same crap,,, and no flash photography (camera on faces etc for surprising moments) because that is VERY ANNOYING AND PLEASE NO MORE OVERACTING!!! JUST FINISH THE DRAMAS AND START WITH SOME NEW ONES EVERY 5th OR 6th WEEK<<<< Much Obliged for your time and consideration, Thank You

I hope you read it and that is why I also say Hindi TV Serials (Not all but some soaps particularly Ekta Kapoor types) sucks! and are crap.


  1. M.Khan says:

    Our Indian Hindi serials, very few of them good for the society and family.
    But most of them are many a times are degrading women and portray negative things which are not practical in these modern days.

    Very important, watching these serials by women has crossed all the borders, they are so hooked to TV, it is next to impossible to get them distracted, start of conflict in the families.

    Our government should allow only serials with good morals and good message to the general public.

  2. jay says:

    Surely by stating that you watch moronic Indian soaps you’ve proved that you have no intelligence to insult?

  3. Priyanka says:

    I totally agree with Nazir. The Indian serials are too long. The serial ‘Sas bhi kabhi bahoo thi’ went for almost 15 years. My neighbour Mrs.Boora watches these serials everyday madly and often fights with there husbands if not allowed to watch the serials. Children are mad after these serials and often lose there interest in studies.

  4. ammara says:

    hie! i am much impressed with comment of that man from england. i live in pakistan, however, use to watch hindi serials with keen interest. main problem here in indian serials are that they always present fanticies, nun of their show have taken me to the real world. its good to promote culture, however some common sense should also be a part of every show. it seems stupid that hero or heroin dies, after showing his/her deadbody he/she comes back. which never happens in real world. keeping suspense is good but suspense also need some logics. in half hour, directors only conclude 1 seen, and some times wo bhi incomplete he chut jata hay.
    i think these things should be considered.

  5. Nasif says:

    hello, the show Milley Jab HUM TUM is going good or better than others. the show Dil Mill Gayye is getting so borring. Best of luck to all.. MAYANK and NUPUR are doing best.

  6. suneha gupta says:

    hi! Well i agree with nazir……..and that’s why i prefer english serials to our indian ones…….. the unfortunate part of the story is that our serials start on a good note but end up as a tasteless chewing gum!!!

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