Katrina Kaif Bikini Pics with Ranbir Kapoor

katrina kaif

Katrina Kaif the same vulgar girl who was been seen with Gulshan Grover in the movie BOOM is now complaining and feeling bad about her leaked bikini pictures with Ranbir Kappor on a vacation in Spain. The girl who had no standard in the beginning in industry, got all reputation and respect because of her ex boyfriend Salman Khan. Being nothing she tried to impress Salman and some how managed to date him and be in a relationship with him to be a part of Bollywood and get fame. As she has become an important and known part of industry she left the old and poor Salman as now she wanted a young guy in her life. She then came in relationship with Ranbir Kapoor. Kat is 36 years old and Ranbir 30, We feel sorry for Ranbir Kapoor that he got a girl who uses somebody’s else success to be a part of glamour world

bikini babe katrina

Now talking about her Bikini pictures, her Bikini colored White and red doesn’t looks good at all, has got no style, even her figure is looking weird.
A rumor is that Ranbir and Katrina are getting engaged, all we can say is that Love is not only blind its even deaf and dumb. We wish the couple all the best and good wishes for there future. We wish that this time Katrina stays with Ranbir forever and doesn’t finds more younger boys.

Bad kat

Here a comment on the leaked bikini pictures of Salman being modest-


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