Music and Songs Updates and Latest Bollywood Updates Once again on is the new version of old popular was the first MP3 downloading site which provided downloads of songs from TV Seires. With the launch of Dill Mill Gayye, was the first site to add the songs of this serial online. This increased the popularity of site and i started adding songs and background scores from all Hindi TV series and soon the site became hugely popular among young generation. was soon renamed to as it became a multimedia site which started providing trailers, video songs, wallpapers etc along with the mp3 downloads.

But recently, due to workload was not being updated regularly which led to fall in fan base and popularity of site. Now, I am back and within a month the backlog will be completed. Links that are not working will be fixed. New movies, TV Serial songs will be added and site will be updated for overall speed and smooth operation. Ads have also been removed to provide user friendly environment. Note: Only those songs will be available which are free to download. Otherwise we will provide you with Youtube videos of latest songs.

I have also made a Facebook Page for all the fans. I am currently looking for admins to manage this page. Those of you who can get maximum likes will be made the admin for the page.

Now, the design of the site is also updated. It is more professional and easy to follow so that a newbie can easily locate an album of his choice.

Don’t forget to post your request, feedback about features you want etc.

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