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Ghazals are of forms of conventional Classical Indian Music which played an intense role in
Glorifying its culture. The word Ghazal, appears to be a Sanskrit word, is actually an Arabic word (ghuzzle) meaning ‘having a conversation with Women’.

History Of Ghazals
It were the Persian artists who first developed this form of Music in the 10th Century AD from the Arabic verse “quasida”. In the 12th Century, when the Mughals invaded India, it was brought in the country. The traditional Ghazals are mainly practiced in Urdu, Farsi and Hindi Language in Pakistan, Iran and India respectively. In India, the Ghazals are merged and sung with contemporary Classical instrumental Music. Ghazals have gained a lot of commercial popularity through their use in Movies.

A Ghazal mainly is composed of 5 to 15 couplets. A word or phrase is repeated (refrain) at the end of each line of the first couplet, and then at the end of each succeeding couplet. The rest of the words in the couplet may or may not Rhyme. The First line of the first couplet may be used as the Signature Line, with the couplet as the signature couplet. Some times the poet may use the last couplet as the signature couplet.

Each couplet is sung, as if its a poem in itself like beads of a necklace. No continuity is to be maintained between subjects of two successive couplets. The phrase may prove to be common for the couplets, but they should be independent, so that they could be used or quoted down independently.

Some of the best Ghazal artists In India with their works:

Jagjit Singh: Soz, Tum toh Nahin Ho, Tum Itna Jo, Parwaz, Silsilay, etc.

Asha Bhonsle: Yun Saja Chand, Rishte Bante hain, Meraj E Ghazal, etc.

Anup Jalota: Kaashish, Laga Chunari mein Daag, Ibtida, etc.
Their Populas Ghazals: Aashiyan, Kashis, etc.

Ghazals have been an Integral part of the Indian Musical Culture. Their are lyrical and each of the couplet can be quoted as an intelligent phrase. The music along which they are played is greatly soothing to the ears. The lyrics as well as the soothing music, together, re-enforce each others beauty and reach out to us as an amazing creative piece of Art.

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The album 50 Glorious Years of Ghazals is a set of 5 volumes of true Hindi Ghazals which is made for thee Ghazal lovers.

Ghazals Album

The album has been released which is a set of 5 volumes which contain 15-20 songs each in high quality format. Currently, the download option for Ghazals has been removed due to copyright complaint but you can still see the list of songs below and also get all 5 volumes of Ghazals in market. For more info Contact Us.

List of Ghazals

Volume 1

No Ghazal Name Artist
01 Introduction Jagjit Singh & Gulzar
02 Phir Mujhe Deeda-E-Tar Yaad Aaya K.L.Saigal
03 Layee Hayaat Qaza Le K.L.Saigal
04 Duniya Mein Hoon K.L.Saigal
05 Yun Na Rah Rahkar Master Madan
06 Hairat Se Tak Raha Hai Master Madan
07 Main Nashe Main Mein Hoon C.H. Atma
08 Lagta Nahin Hai Jee Mera Habib Wali Mohammed
09 Hum Tujhse Kis Hawas Ki Mukesh
10 Diwana Banana Hai To Begum Akhtar
11 Aye Mohabbat Tere Anjam Pe Rona Aaya Begum Akhtar
12 Koi Yeh Kehde Gulshan Gulshan Begum Akhtar
13 Kuchh To Duniya Ki Begum Akhtar
14 Introduction To Mallika Pukhraj, Iqbal Bano, Farida Khanum And Abida Parveen Jagjit Singh
15 Naaz Thha Khud Par Chhaya Ganguli
16 Mahi Yaar De Gharoli Abida Parveen
17 Jab Se Tunay Mujhay Abida Parveen

Volume 2

No Ghazal Name Artist
01 Introduction To Ghazals In Films NA
02 Introduction Noor Jehan
03 Gham-E-Aashique Talat Mehmood
04 Aankh Se Ankh Milata Hai Koi Lata Mangeshkar
05 Ghazab Kiya Tere Wade Pe Aitbar Kiya Mohd. Rafi
06 Asbaar Mere Youn Yo Mukesh
07 Zikr Us Parvarish Ka Mohd. Rafi
08 Haar Ek Baat Pe Lata Mangeshkar
09 Kaun Kehta Hai Tujhe Talat Mehmood
10 Baske Dushwar Hai Mohd. Rafi
11 Lata Mangeshkar Asha Bonsle
14 Yeh Hum Jo Hijr Mein Lata Mangeshkar
15 Shaam Ho Jaam Ho Suboo Bhi Ho Manna Day
16 Kitni Raahat Hai Dil Toote Jane Ke Baad Mohd. Rafi
17 Khwab Tha Ya Khayal Tha Kya Tha Asha Bonsle
18 Haan Mere Gham To Asha Bonsle
19 Ke Siva Kuch Bhi Nahi Lata Mangeshkar

Volume 3

No Ghazal Name Artist
01 Introduction To Mehdi Hassan Jagjit Singh & Gulzar
02 Sata Sata Ke Humen Ashkabaar Karti Hai Talat Aziz
03 Apne Saaye Se Bhi Ashkon Ko Chhupa Chhupa Kar Rona Parvez Mehdi
04 Shabnam Ke Aansoo Phool Par Talat Aziz
05 Hungama Hai Kyon Barpa Ghulam Ali
06 Roodad-E-Mohabbat Kya Kahiye Asha Bhosle
07 Hairaton Ke Silsile Soz-E-Nihan Tak Aa Gaye Asha Bhosle
08 Baharon Ko Chaman Yaad Aa Gaya Hai Ghulam Ali
09 Itni Muddat Baad Mile Ho Ghulam Ali
10 Dil Mein Ek Lehar Si Uthi Hai Abhi Dilraaj Kaur
11 Yaar Tha Gulzar Tha Ahmed Hussain & Mohammed Hussain
12 Neeyat-E-Shauq Bhar Na Jaaye Kahin Asha Bhosle
13 Dil Khoya Khoya Gum Sum Asha Bhosle

Volume 4

No Ghazal Name Artist
01 Introduction To Ghazals In Films Gulzar
02 Sarakti Jaye Hai Rukh Se Naqab Ahista Ahista Jagjit Singh
03 Hum Ko Dushman Ki Nigahon Se Chitra Singh
04 Aye Khuda Ret Ke Sehra Ko Samandar Kar De Jagjit Singh
05 Yeh To Nahin Ke Gham Nahin Chitra Singh
06 Gham-E-Hayaat Ke Jhagd Bhupinder Singh
07 Baghair Mere Tujhe Mitalee Singh
08 Dil Hi To Hai Jagjit Singh
09 Aah Ko Chahiye Jagjit Singh
10 Ya Mujhe Afsar-E-Shah Bhupinder Singh
11 Dil Mein Na Ho Jurrat Pankaj Udhas
12 Mujhko Yaqeen Hai Jagjit Singh
13 Dastoor Ibadat Ka Vinod Sehgal
14 Zehn Par Chhai Hui Gham Ki Ghata Ho Jaise Ghansham Vaswani
15 Firaq-E-Deeda Hoon Hariharan

Volume 5

No Ghazal Name Artist
01 Introduction To Mehfils Of Mehdi Hassan Gulzar
02 Kaun Kahta Hai Mohabbat Ki Jagjit & Chitra Singh
03 Uski Hasrat Hai Jise Dil Se Mita Bhi Na Sakoon Jagjit & Chitra Singh
04 Shama Jalaye Rakhna Mitalee And Bhupinder Singh
05 Gaye Dinon Ka Surag Lekar Asha Bhonsle And Ghulam Ali
06 Gham Ka Khazana Tera Bhi Hai Mera Bhi Lata Mangeshkar And Jagjit Singh
07 Introduction To Ghazals In Films Gulzar
08 Woh Zalim Pyar Kya Jane Talat Mohammed (Parchhain)
09 Nukta Cheen Hai Gham-E-Dil Suraiya (Mirza Ghalib)
10 Kabhi Kud Pe Kabhi Halat Pe Rona Aaya Mohammed Rafi (Hum Dono)
11 Yun Hasraton Ke Daag Lata Mangeshkar (Adalat)
12 Hum Hain Mata-E-Koocha-O-Bazar Ki Tara Lata Mangeshkar (Dastak)
13 Dil Cheez Kya Hai Lata Mangeshkar (Asha Bhosle)
14 Jhuki Jhuki Si Nazar Jagjit Singh (Arth)
15 Youn Zindagi Ki Raah May Chitra Singh
16 Hosh Walon Ko Khabar Kiya Jagjit Singh

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