Tanha Album Songs

Tanhaa - Lonely by Heart
Tanha is his first solo album and was launched in 2008. He has tried and kept the sounds in his album quite international in order to cater to people who enjoy various genres of music. The album has been produced by Tips Music. Tanha has tried to have a good deal of variety by mixing up a gamut of well composed Sufi, Punjabi, Romantic Hindi, Pop Rock, Techno and Hip Hop Lounge Music.
About Artist:
Amit Tandon is part of the fresh new breed of talent that was uncovered in India with the help of reality TV talent competitions. He is popular as an Indian musician and television actor. He first shot to fame when he happened to be shortlisted as one of the 11 finalists on a reality show Indian Idol-1. He got eliminated quite soon and consequently found his calling in television acting. He tried to maintain his musical passion.

Tanha Music Album Songs

Album………………….Tanhaa – Lonely by Heart
Artist…………………Amit Tandon
No. Of Tracks…………..15

List of Songs

1: Tanha: Amit Tandon
2: Phir Teri Yaad: Amit Tandon
3: Mera Dil: Amit Tandon
4: Resham Se: Amit Tandon
5: Khamoshiyan
6: Dholna Re Dholna
7: U K – Chandigarh
8: Tere Bin Ek Pal
9: Saari Saari Raat
10: Tere Kaare Naina
11: Phir Teri Yaad (Remix)
12: Mera Dil (Remix)
13: Saari Saari Raat (Remix)
14: Tere Bin Ek Pal (Remix)
15: Advert


  1. Sania says:

    Tanha….the first time i heard it, i was wondering who sang it but i came to know that it was Amit Tandon, the famous actor in ‘Kyun ki saas bhi kabhi bahu thi’. Well, goodluck to you Amit Tandon…..

  2. rakesh kumar says:

    Please send me the link for download TANHA.I REALY WANT TO HEAR THAT SONGS

  3. noor jihan says:

    Tanha I think is one of the best.. I just love the title song….
    Amit Tondon has done great job in the album…
    wish him best of luck in his personnel and professional life..
    you were good looking and charming in Dil Mil Gaye keep it up

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