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Songs pk‘ is something that has gained a lot of popularity these days. It has become a one stop station for all your music needs. Very rarely would you find that a person listening to bollywood songs downloaded from the net does not come from, it initially begun as a place for downloading Pakistani songs of all genres. But gradually it has emerged as the largest database for all kinds of songs on the internet.

The general term ‘songs’ and ‘pk’ together is used to refer to Pakistani songs by people on the internet. The website provides you with a lot of options. You can select or search your song according to album, artists or genres. You can find a large number of websites which cater similar needs of the people. But amongst them, we are the ones with the most comprehensive track record. We at, update our databases regularly including all newly released Asian songs and albums. It is because of this that we get a lot of traffic in our site. It is also the reason why we are placed amongst the leaders in this field. We provide you details how to download the best quality music that is available anywhere on the internet (But not free as we hate piracy). We have made searching for songs easier for you by putting it right into our home-page. We also provide you options for previously downloaded files etc. Along with all of this, we also have a cool and very interactive interface which helps the users to get what they want. The site is also light weight meaning that you will not have to wait ages for it to load.

The cultural differences between India and Pakistan are not very huge. When it comes to music the differences are almost absent. The growing interest of people in songs-pk and other classical Indian songs needs to be catered to. People want to have a cool interface to interact with, a one stop station where you can browse and download songs with ease. We at are building a very efficient database, consisting of an awesome collection of Pakistan Songs and Indian. The website is helping other sites out in this job by providing their database and resource of songs.

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Note: is not our site, and no where related to ours. It is one of the most popular music site in India and Pakistan. Unlike them, who have been involved in numerous cases involving piracy of music, we make it a point to serve you nothing but original music no matter if it is not free at least it is legal.